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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyA postdoctoral researcher position in DNA nanotechnology is available at J.Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry in Prague on a project focused on light manipulation and sorting of photonic microparticles decorated by DNA nanostructures.The postdoc will design and prepare photoemitting arrays on DNA origami templates and microparticle-to-DNA nanostructure linking strategies.The microparticle stability will be characterized in microfluidic chips and optical manipulation and spectroscopy experiments will be performed in collaboration XXXX XXX photonic levitation group at the Institute of Scientific Instruments in Brno.The position is initially open for two years with a possibility of prolongation.The salary is internationally competitive <.>
Type of contract: Temporary
Requirements - Experience with preparation of self-assembled DNA nanostructures and/or hybrid DNA nanostructures.Experience with basic nanostructure characterization methods,such as AFM,DLS,gel electrophoresis.<.> <.>
- Experience with one of XXX following techniques is an advantage: (i) DNA origami design and visualization tools (e.g.CADnano) ii) microfluidics,(ii) surface functionalization,(iii) fluorescence microscopy. 
To apply,please send your CV,a brief summary of your previous research and a list of publications to  recruitment@jh-inst.cas.cz.Please,include SC2023_35  in XXX subject line of your email <.>
- 25 days paid leave of absence (holidays) per year + 3 days of paid sick-leave in addition  to XXX statutory insurance - Flexible working-time,the possibility of part-time work,work-life balance - Competitive salary - Lunch vouchers - Subsidy for sports and cultural activities - Recreation subsidy,recreation subsidy for children - Possibility of attending children groups of XXX CAS - Possibility to use discounts in recreation centers of XXX CAS - Sports goods rental,free parking,trade union library - Language courses - Attractive loc...




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