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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyJob description:
Exploiting operando anomalous X-ray and neutron powder diffraction methods to determine structures of active sites in zeolite-type catalysts.Data collection processing and analysis <.>
Locating aluminum distribution in zeolite-type catalysts by exploiting anomalous X-ray diffraction at Al K-edge.Data collection,processing and analysis <.>
Cation location in zeolite matrices via diffraction techniques <.>
Publishing of XXX results and preparation of XXX beam time proposals for in-situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy. 
Knowledge and experience requirements:
Extensive knowledge and experience in in situ and ex situ X-ray and neutron diffraction techniques employed for zeolites characterization
Broad experience in preforming synchrotron measurements and data evaluation
Knowledge of Rietveld analysis and crystal structure determination
Communication skills in XXXX XXXXX or Polish and English (both written and spoken)
Background: zeolites,Al organization in zeolites,heterogeneous catalysis,X-ray crystallography,material chemistry <.>
Type of contract: Temporary (01.12.2023 - 31.12.2024)
Job status: Full-time
To apply,please send your CV and motivation letter to recruitment(at)jh-inst.cas.cz.Please write in XXX subject line of your email SCXXXX_XX <.>
Benefits - 25 days paid leave of absence (holidays) per year + 3 days of paid sick-leave in addition  to XXX statutory insurance - Flexible working-time,the possibility of part-time work,work-life balance - Lunch vouchers - Subsidy for sports and cultural activities - Recreation subsidy,recreation subsidy for children - Possibility of attending children groups of XXX CAS - Possibility to use discounts in recreation centers of XXX CAS - Sports goods rental,free parking,trade union library - Language courses - Attractive location - Health and social insurance paid mandatory by the institute Selection process
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