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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyJob description: The Postdoctoral Fellow will mainly be responsible for a project which targets to study and compare various modes of “asexuality”,including the underexplored sex chromosomal situation in parental bisexual species and hybrid “asexuals”,the alteration of gametogenesis and fertilization in four independently evolved “asexual” complexes of fishes and amphibians.The outcome of XXX research will deliver insights into the onset of “asexuality” in different vertebrates by hybridization (including the parental sex determination systems) and reveal the underlying processes of partial genome elimination,occurring either after fertilization or XXXXXX gametogenesis as well as ameiotic and premeiotic genome endoreplication leading to clonality <.>
The project requires to work with fish male and female gametes.The applicant should be experienced in genomic and proteomic methods,cell line transfection and work with cell cultures in general.The project will involve fertilization,and early embryogenesis with specific goals to determine sperm contribution to early embryogenesis and its activation.  The questions to be answer will cover tracing sperm fate after gamete membrane fusion,including evaluation of sperm acrosome integrity,mitochondrial activity,paternal DNA elimination mechanism,existence/absence of protamine to histone exchange and possible paternal histone contribution to early embryogenesis,and others.The methods will also include histology,IF,IHC,WB,IP,co-IP,confocal and super-resolution microscopy,TEM,SEM,gene expression,PCR,qRT-PCR and many others.Further data analysis,preparation for the manuscript and active part in writing publications and presenting the data is required <.>
PhD in relevant field of Developmental,Reproductive or Cell Biology
Knowledge of fish gamete and fertilization incl.early embryonic development
Proved history of research activities
Publication activity records




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