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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyAre you a problem solver with passion for scientific discovery?
Join our dynamic research group,specializing in cutting-edge physics and chemistry of 2D nanomaterials,as a Lab Technician.As a vital member of our team,you'll support our research activities involving state-of-the-art optical spectroscopy,scanning probe microscopy,and electrochemistry <.>
Your responsibilities will include the preparation of solutions/materials,working in a cleanroom,and maintaining spectrometers,microscopes,and electrical analyzers.You will be co-responsible for basic lab administration,health and safety protocols,purchasing chemicals/materials/equipment,and other administration.The exact range and nature of XXX tasks and responsibilities will depend on the skills of XXX successful applicant <.>
You will have a master’s degree in chemistry/materials science/physics or related fields and a relevant laboratory experience.We expect our new colleague to thrive working in a research environment,be capable of independent thinking,and have a can-do attitude.Experience with administrative tasks in an academic environment is desirable.Excellent oral and written communication in English is a must,good knowledge of XXXXX is desirable <.>
Our team is part of a larger collaboration including more than 20 postdocs and PhDs.We share a range cutting-edge instrumental facilities including fully-equipped cleanrooms and advanced techniques such as tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy.We collaborate with several high-profile researchers in XXX USA,Germany,and United Kingdom <.>
Our Institute is a top-ranking research facility in XXX XXXXX Republic,continuing the legacy of XXX Nobel prize winner J.Heyrovský,and XXXXXXX XXX HR Excellence in Research Award.We are located in XXX beautiful historic city of Prague,a vibrant hub of education,science,and culture,with great transport links,food options,and outdoor areas.For more information,visit www.nanocarbon.cz
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