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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyAre XXX an experienced microscopist who enjoys advancing optical microscopy techniques? Do XXX enjoy building and maintaining custom-built microscopy setups,optimizing their performance,and assisting users with their experiments? Our Department of Biophysical Chemistry is seeking a skilled microscopist to join our team!
As a microscopist in our department,you will have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of researchers covering topics such as membrane and protein dynamics,plasmon-enhanced fluorescence,and nanoscopic organization of proteins and membranes.We XXX a supportive and collaborative team that offers an open,friendly,and inclusive environment.Your main responsibility will be to maintain and advance our custom-built microscopy setups,ensuring optimal performance and reliability for our users.You will also be responsible for organizing and training users,setting up measurement guidelines,and maintaining a data repository <.>
The ideal candidate will have a university degree in physics,optics,engineering,or related fields,and extensive hands-on experience with optical microscopy.A PhD degree related to microscopy and experience with building optical setups are considered assets.Excellent organization skills XXX a must,as well as good communication skills and patience when training and collaborating with scientists and students from various fields <.>
The position will be open for applications until filled and has a flexible starting date in 2023. 
Type of contract: Temporary Job status: Full-time
Eligibility criteria If XXX XXX interested in this stable and rewarding position,please send us your CV and a cover letter outlining your experience and qualifications.Send your materials to recruitment@jh-inst.cas.cz and cc to vladimira.petrakova@jh-inst.cas.cz and radek.sachl@jh-inst.cas.cz.Please write in XXX subject line of your email SCXXXX_XX.We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our tea...




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