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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republiky24.11.2022 Fyzikální ústav AV ČR,v.v.i.vyhlašuje výběrové řízení na pozici Ph.D./ Postdoctoral researcher in experimental 2D materials science <.>
The Institute of Physics of XXX XXXXX Academy of Sciences,v.v.i.(FZU) is a public research institution focusing on basic and applied research in physics.The FZU is the largest institute of XXX XXXXX Academy of Sciences with more than XXXX employees and a significant number of international employees <.>
The FZU strives to XXXX XXX boundaries of knowledge and to conduct research in XXX XXXXXX of elementary particles,condensed matter physics,optics,plasma and laser physics <.>
The candidate will profit from a powerful experimental infrastructure in Prague covering m-ARPES / m-XPS facilities,scanning tunneling microscopy (STM),and ex situ optical methods,which allow to study electronic band structure and chemical properties of individually selected mm-scale 2D islands.We XXXXX an exciting topic,expertise in XXX group,and an established international network for high-impact publications like recent ones on CVD-grown MoS2 [1,2],graphene [3],or Bi-chalcogenide topological insulators [4] <.>
Within a time of two years and potentially beyond,the candidate will join a project,extending studies on systems like MoS2 to a wider range of 2D transition metal chalcogenides (TMCs) based on our established strategies of Ref.[1-3].In parallel - since some promising new TMCs XXX be instable in air - we plan to implement in situ XD exfoliation methods and optical photoluminescence/Raman access to our m-ARPES / m-XPS facilities,to create a unique experimental combination all under ultra-high vacuum conditions.We thus look for a candidate who also takes fun from hands-on work with us in XXX lab.A background in optical or ultra-high vacuum methods is beneficial but not mandatory <.>
[1] M.Velický et al <.>,J.Phys.Chem.Lett. 11,6112–6118 (2020) [2] T.Verhagen et al <.>,ACS Appl.Nano Mater. 3,656...




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