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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikySuccessful applicant will join Dr.XXXXX XXXXXXX and his team on a prestigious Lumina quaeruntur project exploiting tunable electrochemistry and spectroscopy of two-dimensional (2D) materials.You will use state-of-the-art in-situ spectroelectrochemistry approach to characterize,control,and tune of 2D materials' properties.  Our group focuses on investigating electronic transport at high-doping regimes,tuning the interaction between semiconductors and substrates,and charge screening/capacitance anomalies in concentrated electrolytes.Our team is part of a larger collaboration XXXX XXX groups of Dr.XXXXXX XXXXX,Dr.XXXXXX XXXXXX,and Prof.XXXXXXXX XXXXX,including more than XX postdocs and PhDs,sharing cutting-edge instrumental facilities including potentiostats,Raman/UV/Vis/NIR\fluorescence spectrometers,TERS,AFM,XPS,UPS,LEED,ARPES,SEM/TEM,ellipsometry,optical lithography,CVD furnace,etc.We have numerous collaborators in XXX UK,US,Germany,France,Hungary,and New Zealand.For more information,visit www.nanocarbon.cz <.>
Requirements: You will have master's degree in chemistry,materials science,or physics and experience with at least one of XXX following: electrochemistry,Raman and/or other vis/IR spectroscopy,or 2D materials research.The applicant will have to apply and be admitted to a full-time postgraduate study programme at Charles University in Prague or University of Chemistry and Technology,Prague,Czech Republic <.>
Desirable criteria include experience with micro-/nano-scale electrochemistry (SECM,SECCM),surface functionalization,atomic force microscopy,optical lithography,and electronic transport measurements.A   publication in a peer-reviewed journal will be and advantage <.>
Type of contract: Temporary Job status: Part-time Offer starting date: March 2023
Benefits: - 5 weeks paid leave of absence (holidays) per year + 3 days of paid sick-leave in addition to XXX statutory insurance - Flexible working-time,the possib...




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