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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyThe ideal candidate profile XXX be of two kinds:
Profile X – Development of simulation software
Knowledge or interest in scientific computations and high performance calculations
Knowledge or interest of modern programming practices and organization of software projects
Programming experience e.g. in Python (numpy),C/C++,Fortran,OpenCL or XXXX
Profile X – Molecular simulations using classical force-fields
Perform modeling of non-covalent interactions between molecules on ionic substrates
Participate in XXX design of molecular structure to optimize deterministic self-assembling
Data analysis of computational results and collaboration with AFM/STM experiments
Common requirements
Master degree in natural science and technology (e.g. physics,chemistry or computer science)
Good spoken and written English
Initiative,creativity and ability to solve problems independently
We offer
Support in obtaining a PhD degree in Physics at  Charles University  or chemistry at  UCT Prague
Opportunity to achieve a major breakthrough in nanofabrication
PhD fully funded for 4 years (till 2026)
Collaboration with top labs in XXX XXXXX of on-surface chemistry and AFM/STM microscopy
Training and development opportunities (soft skills,language courses)
Flexible working hours with home office possibility
Plenty of opportunities for cultural and other activities in XXX Prague region
How to apply
Send your application material (CV and motivation letter) before 15.10.2022 to  kariera@fzu.cz.Applications will be processed as soon as they are received.XXX XXX contact  XXXXXX XXXXXX  ( hapala@fzu.cz ) to discuss scientific details of XXX research project,and XXXXX XXXXXXXXX ( berankova@fzu.cz ) for general employment information.Expected starting date: spring 2023.The selected candidate will apply for doctoral program at  UCT prague,or at  Charles University <.>
About the Institute
The  Institute of Physics of XXX XXXXX Academy of Sciences (FZU)  is a ...




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