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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyPostdoc in Biodiversity and Ecology of Fungi with GlobalFungi
LABORATORY / UNIT:   141 Laboratory of Environmental Microbiology
Position description
Laboratory of Environmental Microbiology is looking for a motivated postdoctoral fellow.XXX XXXXXX will join the team that manages the GlobalFungi Database (https://globalfungi.com) to explore the biogeography and ecology of fungi.The position will be focused on modelling species distribution of fungi and exploring its drivers using large data collections as well as field sampling and experiments.In addition,XXX XXXXXX will be also involved in coordinating the development of XXX GlobalFungi database <.>
We expect that the applicant XXX XXX following qualifications:
PhD degree in XXX XXXXX of mycology,ecology,microbiology or similar
Experience in microbial biodiversity,microbial ecology or bioinformatics
First-authored papers in high-ranking IF journals in XXX XXXXXX of mycology,ecology or microbiology
Excellence in English and good communication skills
Motivation for independent scientific work as well as ability to coordinate a small team
Experience with advanced statistical methods,modelling approaches or XXXXX data management represents an advantage
XXXXXX XXX appointment,XXX XXXXXX will be based in XXX XXXXX Republic
We offer
We XXXXX XXX XXXX in an inspiring and friendly environment of an international team of XXX Laboratory of Environmental Microbiology of XXX Institute of Microbiology in Prague,in the Czech Republic (see e.g.https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Petr_Baldrian) and access to interesting experiments / datasets produced by XXX XXXX institution and their collaborators.Gross salary: approximately XXXX EUR / month (in CZK),30 days of paid holiday per year.The position is offered for an initial period of one year,XXX XXX be extended.Full time position,XX hours per week <.>
vocational training and language courses
perspective,interesting and mea...




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