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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyAdvertisement for the position of a researcher within the project
"International mobility of employees IEM CAS" <.>
Length of working visit: from 3 months up to 10 months (longer mobility is prefferred),obligatory employment relationship XXXX XXX IEM for the duration of XXX mobility <.>
Financial support: Gross salary CZK XX,000 per month
Support for the researcher's family
It is a support tool for the development of human resources in research,taking into account the personal needs of XXX researcher.The support tool is designed to ensure the researcher's contact with his/her family members.A family member is considered to be a spouse or XXXXXX XXXX an equivalent relationship legally defined in XXX country where it was formalized,or own dependent XXXXX or a dependent child entrusted to their care <.>
Researcher opportunity in cell biology
The researcher will participate in XXX international project of in vitro testing of scaffolds for osteochondral defects using bioreactors.We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow with experience with cell culture methods and molecular biology methods <.>
XXX XXXXXX selected for participation in activity Working visits of junior researchers abroad must meet,on the date of departing,all of XXX following conditions:
X.be a post-doc.Post-doc means a researcher who was awarded their Ph.D.or its foreign counterpart no more than 7 years before the date of starting the mobility.The period XXX be extended by the period of maternity and parental leave,long-term illness (more than 90 days),care for a family member (more than 90 days),pre-attestation preparation and military service.If the selected person has not obtained a Ph.D <.>,then his/her degree must correspond to level 8 of ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education).If the degree cannot be clearly classified at ISCED level 8,the beneficiary is obliged to provide nostrification of ...




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