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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republiky07.06.2022 Fyziologický ústav AV ČR,v.v.i.vyhlašuje v souladu se zákonem č.283/1992 Sb.o Akademii věd České republiky,ve znění zákona č.420/2005 Sb.a Stanov AV ČR výběrové řízení na pozici POSTDOC in metabolomics <.>
The Institute of Physiology of XXX Academy of Sciences of XXX XXXXX Republic is engaged in research in normal and pathological physiology,focusing mainly on the study of XXX mechanisms of serious human diseases <.>
Laboratory of Metabolism of Bioactive Lipids of Dr.XXXXXX XXXX,Institute of Physiology,Czech Academy of Sciences,Prague,Czech Republic
12 – 36 months,starting from July 2022 or as soon as possible
Job Description:
Your work will be varied.You will investigate molecular mechanisms of metabolic diseases related to XXX liver,adipose tissue,and heart,specifically glucose intolerance and cachexia.Primarily you will process omics data (metabolomics,proteomics,genomics) obtained from clinical projects,mice,and cells.You will statistically evaluate differences between healthy and diseased patients,looking for the causes of these differences in XXXX expression,protein,and metabolite concentrations.You will not do this alone but with a team of specialists in XXX XXXXX.You will learn how to perform metabolomics and lipidomics analyses,measure metabolic fluxes using stable isotope tracers and develop LC/GC–MS methods.You will perform experiments with cells or mice,create new models,extract samples,play with R and Python scripts,and write reports and publications <.>
To familiarize yourself with our research,please refer to:
Lopes et al <.>,Cell Rep.2021,10.1016/j.celrep.2021.109833
Brejchova et al <.>,PNAS 2021,10.1073/pnas.2020999118
Paluchova et al <.>,Diabetes,2020,10.2337/db19-0494
We offer:
Highly interdisciplinary work in a creative academic environment.Everyone can come up with ideas to move the project forward <.>
Projects balanced between basic and translational science and active invo...




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