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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republiky 
Czech Academy of Sciences
Biomedical Research Campus in Prague,Krč
IPHYS is a leading research institute in XXX XXXXX of normal and pathological physiology.It consists of a number of scientific and service departments and shared equipment for the research ( http://www.fgu.cas.cz/en/ ) <.>
The Laboratory of Molecular Physiology of Bone led by Dr.Michaela Tencerova is focused on studying the physiological role of bone marrow adipose tissue in relation to bone and fat metabolism in metabolic complications ( https://www.fgu.cas.cz/en/departments/laboratory-of-molecular-physiology-of-bone ). 
The research continues work on our previous studies identifying unique metabolic phenotype of bone marrow adipocytes comparing to peripheral adipose tissue in obesity with a focus on specific targets in XXX regulation of bone marrow homeostasis (Tencerova et al,Cell Reports,2019; Tencerova et al <.>,Bone Res,2019; Tencerova et al <.>,JBMR 2018).The successful applicant will work in XXX international and friendly environment.The research project will include XXX XXXX with murine and human cellular systems (bone marrow stromal stem cells) and animal transgenic models applying high-throughput methods such as RNA sequencing,metabolomics,lipidomics,and bioenergetics.The research will be conducted in collaboration with prestigious national and international laboratories in USA and Europe and supported by EFSD NovoNordisk grant <.>
We are recruiting highly motivated scientist on:
Postdoctoral position in Molecular Physiology of Bone
 data analysis
Position Requirements:
PhD degree (with up to 8 years from PhD) in molecular biology,biochemistry,physiology,medicine,or related disciplines
Motivation to do science,curiosity and thinking outside of box
Advanced experience with molecular biology techniques,in vitro cell culture methods,cloning,CRISPR technology,animal work (metabolic assays,drug administration etc.) Basic comma...




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