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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyThe J.Heyrovský Institute is a worldwide known,prestigious research institution in XXX XXXXX Republic,with established international cooperation.The Institute is a center of fundamental research and promotes the scientific legacy of XXX Nobel laureate,Professor XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX,in physical chemistry,chemical physics,biophysics,theoretical chemistry and electrochemistry <.>
Postdoctoral Associate - Protein sciences
with deep expertise in molecular biology,biochemistry and biophysics of recombinant proteins.The successful candidate will design,express,purify and characterize recombinant proteins for various biologically oriented projects running at the department and participate in XXX research of XXX structure,functionality and dynamics of bio-membranes and proteins on the picosecond to millisecond time scale <.>
PhD in biochemistry,protein science or closely related field with 2+ years of professional laboratory experience
Skilled in molecular cloning and site-directed mutagenesis
Skilled in protein synthesis and production (small to medium scale)
Highly skilled in tagged and non-tagged protein purification techniques (IMAC,GST,IEX,SEC and others) using FPLC or HPLC instrumentation (AKTA,Knauer)
Proficiency in protein labeling and characterization using variety of biochemical and biophysical approaches
Improve existing or develop new processes,methods and protocols to gain efficiency and quality needed for the project
Detail-oriented,excellent organizational and communication skills
Willing and able to work at high level without immediate supervision
Willing and able to lead others and take responsibility as appropriate,manage projects and conduct relevant laboratory activities,write papers
Maintenance of experimental records and producing of protein-quality reports
Effective communication skills in English (written,oral)
Familiarity with membrane biophysics and fluorescent spectroscopy is an advantage...




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