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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyApplications are invited from highly-motivated scientists for a postdoctoral position (fixed-term for two years) at XXX J.Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry,one of XXX leading research institutions in XXX XXXXX of physical chemistry,located in Prague,Czech Republic <.>
The project deals XXXX XXX design,synthesis of crystalline coordination polymers (CPs) and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs),defect engineering,and applications of their physical properties.CPs and MOFs represent a class of 1D,2D and 3D nanostructures composed of metal nodes and organic ligands.We study their advanced optical,electronic and magnetic properties,especially the impact of intrinsic and induced defects on luminescence,fluorescence life-time,coherent light emission,electrical conduction or molecular magnetism <.>
The successful candidate is expected to synthesize crystalline CPs and MOFs,and carry out experimental studies of some of XXX following physical properties: photoluminescence,electroluminescence,fluorescence lifetime,coherent emission (single-photon emission,lasing),electrical transport or molecular magnetism.Depending on your skills,you will carry out/benefit from calculations of XXX XXXX structure and optical properties based on the density-functional theory <.>
You will join an international research team:   https://homepage.univie.ac.at/hidetsugu.shiozawa/
Type of contract: Temporary
Requirements: Applicants are expected to hold a Ph.D.degree or equivalent research experience in physics,chemistry,engineering or another relevant discipline.Applicants should have excellent academic qualifications and outstanding communication skills with excellent proficiency in English <.>
Skills and experience in some of XXX following research topics and methods: synthesis and characterization of CPs,MOFs or related materials (e.g.coordination compounds,covalent-organic frameworks),electrochemical analysis,optical spectroscopy (Raman,UV-Vis-...




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