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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyJob description
Developing shell-model potentials for studying domain wall phenomena <.>
Involvement in XXX other scientific activities within the scope of XXX research in XXX Department of Dielectrics <.>
Your profile
Experience with property-optimization-oriented research of ferroic materials
Some practical experience with DFT and its use for parametrization of interatomic potentials
Ability to read and debug programming codes and to write minor computer programs/scripts
Good oral and written presentation skills (in English)
Experience with Unix/Linux systems and high-performance computing
Proven ability to write scientific manuscripts
Of advantage are:
Teaching or outreach experience,interest to apply for grant projects in our Department
Advanced programming skills (Python,Fortran or C)
Experience with shell-model calculations
Training and development opportunities (soft skills,language courses)
Flexible working hours with home office possibility
5 weeks of vacation + 6 sick days a year
How to apply
Send your application to kariera@fzu.cz by January 12th and include
cover letter explaining your motivation and interests
About the Institute
The Institute of Physics of XXX XXXXX Academy of Sciences (FZU) is a public research institution specializing in fundamental and applied research in physics,especially elementary particle physics,condensed matter physics,solid state physics,optics,plasma physics and laser physics.The FZU is the largest institute of XXX XXXXX Academy of Sciences with more than XXXX employees,including a considerable number of international workers.As a public research institution,the FZU contributes to increasing the level of knowledge,the quality of education,and the use of research findings in practice <.>
On April 2019,the FZU has become a holder of XXX certificate HR Excellence in Research Award,which is awarded by the European Commission.The FZU has thus ranked among the group of prest...




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