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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyPosition summary:
The Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS,Department of Cell Nucleus Plasticity is looking for a suitable candidate PhD student to join the team to work on a new collaborative project focused on DNA repair in oocytes and early embryos <.>
Job responsibilities and duties:
Management and execution of XXX individual experiments
After consulting the PI designing additional experiments
Data recording and management
Adapting and optimizing new methods and actively looking for new protocols
Active engagement in XXX animal husbandry and lab maintenance
Qualifications and skills:
Ideally master´s degree or equivalent in life sciences (biology/biochemistry or a similar relevant field)
Independent thinking,pro-active attitude,flexibility
High motivation
Interest in advanced microscopy methods
Valid licence for animal work advantageous
We offer:
Full-time position
Stable 3 years funding
The possibility to enrol in XXX PhD programme at Charles Uni (expected start in summer semester)
XXX XXXX in an international team XXXX an international partner laboratory
X weeks of vacation + 5 “sick days” (per full-time position)
Flexible working hours
Expected start: 1.10.2021
Location: Prague 4 – Krč
The application with a structured CV,or further enquiries regarding the position should be send to: helena.fulkova@iem.cas.cz <.>
The Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS,v.v.i.reserves the right to invite only selected candidates for a personal interview or online interview,as well as the right not to select XXX of XXX candidates <.>
By replying to this advertisement or by sending your CV and any other personal materials to XXX Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS,you give your consent to XXX processing and storage of your personal data.This consent shall be XXXXX until such time as it is with written notice <.>
Uzávěrka přihlášek: 23.08.2021
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