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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyPožadavky:
The Institute of Philosophy of XXX XXXXX Academy of Sciences (the IP) in Prague is a public research institution engaged in research in XXX XXXXX of philosophy and related scientific disciplines.The IP is the largest workplace in XXX humanities and social sciences within XXX XXXXX Academy of Sciences,made up of more than XXX employees <.>
The IP is seeking to appoint
Position for postdoctoral or early career researcher in philosophy
The position will be associated with Professor Ladislav Kvasz’s research project “Formal epistemology – the Future Synthesis” funded by XXX XXXXX Academy of Sciences (see the attached project at http://www.flu.cas.cz/images/dokumenty/verejne/vyberova_rizeni/ProjectDescription.pdf) <.>
The position will be devoted to XXX study of XXX epistemology employed in physical research,focusing on crucial historical episodes that XXX XXXX understood XXXX XXX historical point of view.The crucial question is XXX XXX actual practice of gaining new scientific knowledge in physics relates to XXX epistemological debates in philosophy (of a prior,contemporary or XXXXX period) <.>
What we expect: • We are looking for candidates who hold a PhD degree in philosophy or related disciplines (obtained after January 1,2015) with a relevant research background; • Strong motivation for research; • Competence to carry out both independent and collaborative research <.>
What we offer: • Full-time job XXXX XXX starting date of July X,XXXX (or later,if necessary); • Fixed term contract for up to 18 months that will terminate on December 31,2022; • The salary of approximately 42 000 CZK gross/month; • An equal opportunities environment and collegiate atmosphere; • Participation in a high caliber research project; • Employee benefits (up to 5 weeks holiday,up to 8 sick days,possibility of working from home,possibility of language and further training); • A pleasant workplace <.>
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