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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikygraduate degree (the position is also suitable for doctoral students)
strong presentation and communication skills
experience in XXX XXXXX of using technology/new media in classroom (e.g.Moodle,developing and implementing blended-learning concepts or webinars)
near-native or native English proficiency
critical thinking and teaching skills (teaching qualifications an advantage)
knowledge of basic principles of scientific inquiry advantageous
creativity,flexibility and genuine interest in teaching and learning
ability to independently develop study materials and tasks
willingness to learn new things and work both independently and in a team
Duties and responsibilities:
teaching in blended-learning courses (publishing skills in English and academic writing)
giving in-depth feedback on academic texts from various disciplines
developing and delivering workshops or courses on communication in science for researchers and doctoral students
For further details on our Center’s work,visit our website: http://cap.avcr.cz/en/home/
Applicants interested in conducting research on teaching academic writing/communication skills are welcome.Please send your CV and a cover letter to etchegoyen@langdpt.cas.cz by April 25,2021.Only short-listed candidates will be contacted XXXX an invitation for an interview <.>
We would like to inform you that by replying to XXX advertisement XXX XXX providing the relevant administrator with your personal data to carry XXX XXX selection process and conclude an employment contract regarding the position you have selected.This processing of your personal data will be carried out on legal basis in compliance with paragraph 6.1(b) of XXX XXXXXXX Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).The collected data will be used solely for the selection process.Your personal data will be saved until XXX XXX of XXX selection for the open position which you have applied for,unless you decide to allow us to keep them for a longer...




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