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Geofyzikální ústav AV ČR v. v. i. - zpracování finančního účetnictví

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4 výzkumné pracovníky v řadě oborů, od postdoktorandského po střední stupeň kariéry
Open positions and tenders | Institute of Geophysics of XXX CAS,v.v.i.Research positions Institute of Geophysics,Czech Academy of Sciences The Institute of Geophysics of XXX XXXXX Academy of Sciences in Prague is seeking outstanding researchers to fill up to 4 full-time research positions at post-doctoral to mid-career level.XXX XXXXXX of research are broadly defined across the full range of geophysical and geological sciences,as we invite individuals who will not only integrate into existing teams,but will also develop new research areas of high scientific merit.The successful candidates will have good communication skills in English (command of XXXXX is welcome but not necessary) and will present and publish research results at the international level.We seek candidates who are motivated to develop an innovative research program,and who have the vision and skills to build and lead a research team.In addition to academic experience,relevant industry experience and ability to attract industry partners is an advantage in some fields of research.Key research fields considered Numerical modelling in seismology: Forward and inverse modelling of seismic wave propagation in 3D laterally inhomogeneous media; numerical modeling of complete seismic wavefields in 3-D structures and analysis of local response; earthquake hazard assessment; modelling of seismic source; inverse methods applicable in earthquake seismology and induced seismicity processing; stress pattern retrieval.Seismic tomographic imaging & 3D modelling of continental lithosphere: Velocity structure of XXX XXXXX mantle; XD self-consistent anisotropic models of continental lithosphere.Numerical modelling of geodynamic processes: Processes of lithosphere deformation on geological timescales at plate boundaries and intraplate domains; lithospheric folding models in context of thermal and mechanical inhomogeneities; modelling of magma ascent,diapirism,volcano-tectonic processes.Fault dynamics & modelling: Analy...

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