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Výběrová řízení - Akademie věd České republikyWe seek enthusiastic postdoctoral researchers passionate about pioneering the next-generation of single-molecule imaging methods.You will become a part of the  Dioscuri Centre for Single-Molecule Optics,a new research group led by XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX <.>
The Centre is established at the  Institute of Physics of XXX XXXXX Academy of Sciences  (Prague) as a part of XXX Dioscuri programme devised by the  XXX XXXXXX Society.It is poised to become a hub of multidisciplinary research,focusing on developing a unique life science toolbox with applications spanning biochemistry,biophysics,and medicine <.>
You will engage in projects investigating molecular transport,biomolecular interactions,or analysis of complex biofluids at the single-molecule level.Through the utilization and continuous development of  Nanofluidic Scattering Microscopy  — a groundbreaking label-free single-molecule microscopy technique — your contributions will be instrumental in providing insights into the fundamental building blocks of life.As a member of a multidisciplinary scientific team dedicated to tackling diverse challenges in single-molecule microscopy and nanofluidics,you will have the opportunity to tailor your focus based on your background and research interests.Your responsibilities XXX XXXX XXX development of XXX optical setup,nanofluidic systems,image processing,experimental investigations of biomolecular processes,and/or theoretical studies of light-matter interactions and mass transport at the single-molecule level <.>
What do we expect
Previous experience in optical microscopy,bioanalytical techniques,nanoptics,micro/nano-fluidics,scientific instrumentation development,data analysis,or computational modeling
A strong publication record
A commitment to tackle outstanding challenges at the interface of single-molecule optics and biology
Sound verbal and written communication skills in English
What can we offer
High-impact research topics




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